HTCTV – Recommended & Long Term Models/Actresses/Other Notable Collaborators (2012-CURRENT) *UPDATED NOVEMBER 2013*

What are people saying about working with HTCTV?

As of July 2013, I now have a testimonials and media album which models and interested people can look through for references and people who have worked with us/mentioned us through their businesses.

“Nice evening with the girls filming Valentines Day makeup looks for The Honeytrap Collective (Australia) ♥”

“I’m happy to do makeup whenever “

“I’m looking forward to seeing the next videos”

“I’m actually very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you guys, u have helped me discover what I really want to do…thank you so much”

“Excited to be working with you”

“I enjoy working with you”

“Looking forward to! Tell me the time and the place and I’ll be there in all my finery!”

“Hey the video looks great! Good to see one that’s original and artistic for a change!!”

“… and thanks so much for that massive plug at the end!”


“Oh amazing! Thats PERFECT. thank you!!
great footage.”


Instead of creating a blacklist as I originally intended I have now created a HTC Model Recommendation Group ~ in this post I have the list of people I have worked with.

There has been a bit of confusion about references and blacklists due to a clique of  ‘models’ and photographer whose brains and bitchy attitudes haven’t left high school and have taken it upon themselves to go spreading serious misinformation about having worked (or even met) anyone from HTCTV.

While some girls might be great to work with outside of the HTC this list does not focus shoots that HTC took no part in. This list is the only official list HTC uses about models it recommends and ongoing references. HTC, as of July 2013, has not hired external model managers or third parties to represent HTC or its partners in regards to who we would like to work with in the future.

These ‘recommended references’ are only for models who worked on two or more videos and/or shoots from the start of the HTC.

I have outlined said recommendations as the following:

  • Name of Model
  • Duration Worked/Number of Shoots 
  • Other Models Worked With (HTC ONLY)
  • Other

Recommended Australian Models (By Chronological Order)


  • September 2012-Current
  • Pin Up Shoot/Colourful Valentine’s/2014 Charity Calendar Shoot/ Summer in Perth (Part One)
  • Worked with Krysta, Lauren, Mary Anne, Krystel Ann, Bridget and Khaterine
  • Merve is reliable for getting the shots done when they are needed without complaining.
  • Merve is open to almost all concepts for shooting when she has worked with HTC. No nudes please!
  • She has managed to time and time again come to shooting filling in for other models who supposedly have double the experience that she does – sometimes she is late to shooting but this has been to personal reasons and she tries to give some notice.

Lauren (Lauren T.) [UNDER 18]

  • October 2012-June 2013
  • Spring Racing Carnival 2012/Aztec Summer/Colourful Valentine’s/Mermaid Shoot/2014 Charity Calendar Shoot
  • Worked with Merve, Emily, Jaqui M, Jess, Keeti, Monica and Mary Anne
  • Lauren is very punctual to shoots, has filming experience which has been fantastic for our filming tutorials and also manages to be available for when she is needed.
  • Lauren can also do her own makeup if needed on sets.
  • The only negative point I have to make is that she doesn’t read contracts/shoot documents sometimes which can cause frustration.


  • October 2012
  • Aztec Summer  (hair and makeup)
  • Worked with Lauren
  • Monica is very easy going, easy to direct and great for suggesting model poses/ideas.

Kelly C.

  • February 2013- June 2013
  • Mermaids/Easter 2013/Arboural Autumn/2014 Charity Calendar Shoot
  • Worked with Lauren, Bridget, Emily, Zuza, Anna, Gabby, Tahnee, Em and Khaterine.
  • Kelly is a model with a quirky personality who I always have had fun filming with which is good because I like people who don’t have attitudes or ideas about themselves.
  • She was one of the first to offer her services for the charity shoot and has been one of the few models I never hear any complaints from or about which is rare because everyone bitches about everyone else.
  • She always interacts well on camera and is very curious about the whole filming process


  • March 2013-June 2013

Easter 2013/2014 Charity Calendar

  • Worked with Emily, Kelly C., Merve and Shay
  • Bridget is one of our more experienced models in terms of stage prescence. The dumb model stereotype does not fit in any way, shape or form with Bridget.
  • She has brought intelligent and very interesting information to the Burlesque videos for Easter and has gone far and beyond by being one of the first models to offer her services for the 2014 Charity Calendar shoot.
  • Bridget has also performed dances for Easter which has been our MOST WATCHED film
  • Bridget is a model who I can talk to (and have a proper conversation with) without feeling like I’ve hit a brick wall.


  • May 2013
  • Arboural Autumn
  • Worked with Kelly C.
  • Zuza is one of the most flaw free and nicest models I have seen in person. One of the first models to actually introduce herself without any attitude or drama that sometimes comes from collective shoots.
  • She was not edited in the Arboural Autumn video – so yes that perfect skin is all hers! (Jealous)  If I ever have the opportunity to work with her again I would like to do so!


  • March 2013, June 2013, November 2013
  • Easter 2013/2014 Charity Calendar/Summer in Perth (PART ONE)
  • Worked with Kelly, Bridget, Emily, Em, Gabby and Merve
  • MUA: As an MUA Khaterine’s work looks just as good in ‘real life’ as it does on videos and photographs. She has never had any issues in retaking or re-explaining certain procedures for her tutorial and has been very adaptable and directable to work with (even if English is not her first language).
  • Model: Khaterine worked as a background model for the charity calendar project and put a lot of effort into her own beautiful makeup (for her costume) and took the time to help everyone else. Khaterine is the most punctual MUA I have met.
  • Khaterine modelled with a more major role in Summer in Perth. She was fun to work with on set and the shooting was so relaxed and casual which is great because I hate dealing with drama and drama queens.


  • June 2013, July 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar & the reshoot
  • Worked with Anna, Em and Khaterine
  • Gabby is our oldest model (and a background model) from the charity shoot but managed to take the time to provide a sponsor and a good portion of the DAY 1 props for her part in the shoot which was above and beyond what was required of her. Gabby just gets the job done in regards to finding everything that makes a character (such as a sheep or fairy queen). Despite being older than the majority of the models and creative team, she still manages to be one of the friendliest and enthusatic models I’ve met.


  • July 2013-August 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar Reshoot & Karlie 4 Winter & Spring
  • Worked with Gabby, Rhea and Gurdip.
  • Bree is THE most recommended model I have heard of in Perth – even though people I don’t particularly like or enjoy their company – I have always heard people tell me “to work with Bree” – I can think of at least ten people who would recommend working with her.
  • Bree has been really positive during shoots and is very good to converse with – which is rare in models because most just want to talk about themselves and take pictures during shoot (not fun).  Even when she was sick during film, there was nothing that was too much for her (reasonable of course 😉 ).
  • She asks me questions when needed which I don’t mind answering because I know she has done her best to read the shoot details (which can be very long sometimes).
  • When I asked Bree to provide me her look for the makeup tutorials, she brought in her whole wardrobe and we were able to go through and easily pick something suitable out.


  • July 2013-August 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar Reshoot & Karlie 4 Winter & Spring
  • Worked with Rhea, Gabby & Gurdip
  • Gurdip is very intelligent and I can instantly convey what I want (and not have to repeat it which I HATE doing). I find intelligence and beauty two very rare things in the same package.  She asks me questions when needed which I don’t mind answering because I know she has done her best to read the shoot details (which can be very long sometimes).
  • Gurdip brings personality which other models might not – she has always been fun and quirky on film and also behind the scenes – what she lacks in photographic experience is perfect for filming. Gurdip was nothing but pleasant when filming which makes a shoot so much better to go through.
  • Gurdip was able to provide her own representation for the makeup tutorials, making her own tutorial unique.

 Recommended International Models (By Chronological Order)

Yi Shiean (And her plus one Chee Chung)

  • November 2012
  • ASK A MODEL: SINGAPORE/MALAYSIA (general/beauty/food/dating and friendship)
  • Worked with Chee Chung (who is not a model)
  • Yi Shiean is friendly upon introduction, eloquent and professional when filming – she is very easy to get along with compared to other international models I have dealt with.


Recommended MUAs


  • September 2012
  • Pin Up
  • Worked with Merve
  • Jacilyn had images ready based on the requirements I gave her for the shoot we worked on together and was able to “get” my vision for pin up shoots. When I asked her to come back for another round of shooting, she readily said yes!


  • October 2012
  • Aztec Summer  (hair and makeup)
  • Worked with Lauren and Monica
  • Bronwen met us before had with information about looks, products and models – she was very easy to talk to and when asked to change direction she did so happily.


  • March 2013, June 2013, November 2013
  • Easter 2013/2014 Charity Calendar
  • Worked with Emily, Kelly C., Bridget, Em and Gabby
  • Great fun to work with and was able to stick to the vision I had in mind for shooting even if English is not her first language. When Khaterine came back for the charity shoots, she managed to save a few hours of shooting by coming prepared and in costume (as she wanted to do some background modeling for the day) and doing the other models very quickly without doing the makeup half assed.

Karlie W.

  • June-August 2013, November 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar/ Summer in Perth (Part Two)
  • Worked with Anna, Tahnee, Rhea, Bree, Gurdip, Jillian, Bec, Gabby and Em
  • Karlie came to the shoot and got to work straight away. She was easy to direct and did not say any concept presented to her was impossible. She constantly had new ideas for what she wanted to do for each of the models to make them unique and stand out in their roles in the calendar. Karlie kept in constant contact with me and was equally excited about the project as I was. Karlie helped out models who needed assistance getting to the shoot and stayed back to add the finishing touches to the shoots she was involved in.

Jane (Make Me Beautiful Jane)

  • June 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar
  • Worked with Merve, Bridget, Shay and Krystel
  • Jane stepped up to the plate when bad circumstances occurred with the standout drop outs and she did it with a sympathetic ear. Nothing I requested was too troublesome for Jane and she not only brought my vision to the shoots but also added her own personal touches which made the shoot feel like a joint project. It is great to have a positive person on the set and talk about her work in a way which didn’t feel like an advert, just plain I did this from personal experience and it worked – all I need! (as some creative teams can do instead of focusing on the work ahead). Jane also made the effort to help others involved in her shoot by assisting the photographer Alice to make sure she was there on time too!
  • She accidentally released some of the work which had the photographer’s logo put all over (for charity) before the official release of the final products without telling me. Oops.


  • June-July 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar
  • Worked with Merve, Bridget, Shay,  Krystel, Rhea, Bree, Gurdip, Jillian, Bec, Gabby and Em
  • Sarah joined the charity shoot when Jane signed up. Between Jane and Sarah they got through the models very quickly and Sarah did so with a smile on her face (and no bad attitudes or anything negative which can sometimes happen with other creative teams).

Georgia Bell (Hair Dresser)

  • July 2013
  • 2014 Charity Calendar
  • Worked with Rhea, Bree, Gurdip, Jillian, Bec, Gabby and Em

Special thanks to Georgia for coming out her way to do the hairdressing for the models for the fourth reshooting day.

Recommended Other

Karen Ferguson (Kink Foto Graphic)

  • October 2012
  • Aztec Summer  (hair and makeup)
  • Worked with Lauren, Merve and Bronwen

Quick to get the photos back and at a great quality. 🙂

Tami & Dan Xiang

When Tami showed up on set with Dan they were meticulious about the photographs they took. When shooting the charity calendar Tami did not want to stop short at anything other than a perfect result. When working with the right model/s team with the same vision they produce brillant work.

Craig Abbott

Craig went above and beyond to do through the process of shooting each of the models and taking personal time to go through his studio and his own personal processes for the photoshoot. During shooting he was happy to take my suggestions on board, which is always appreciated and instantly gave me a chance to look at the unedited raw footage taken from the day. He made constructive feedback as to certain routes we were going to take with the models and explained it in a manner which was logical and didn’t dumb down my ideas. When I went to his personal studio Craig offered me (and his family) fantastic hospitality.


This list will be updated as shoots and segments are filmed through HTCTV.

Summer in Perth: PART ONE

A Big Hello to our fans (new and old),

If you’re not from around here (as some of our fans are based in various Asian countries), or you live on Uranus, summer has hit Perth and we are experiencing a warm end of October/beginning of November. With all this warm sticky weather, it was the perfect time to hit the beach, produce a few summer films for our fans and viewers. Our fans really love our summer shoots from earlier in the year (especially the Mermaid BTS video from the collective shoot).

Chilling at the Beach.

Chilling at the Beach.

This is the first part of the summer in Perth series. These films (there are going to be about 6 in total for this series) are going to be released for the month of November and possibly early December. There was so much footage that was perfect for the theme…I can’t waste good film! Don’t forget to subscribe and like HTCTV social media for more information as it comes…


Since HTCTV’s last major shoot back in August, there has been an increase in online hits for my videos (if you haven’t subscribed already click the link!) and more fans joining the HTCTV social media pages.

There was also so much interest in the next projects it was hard to keep up – there have been so many models wanting to do some work with me, there is just no room at the moment (outside of the girls who have already been lined up for shoots).

I am getting there but seriously, 100ish models (some new and some old) were crazy and unexpected for a handful of shoots.

If you’re a fan on the facebook page, it gets updated with new information all the time – since we have a lot of people wanting to do shoots here are some tips about getting work with me.
• Match my vision/have the look (I am constantly asked or given dress sizes – please don’t give me your dress size – it has nothing to do with beauty modeling or acting)
• Read your contract/shoot stuff
• Show an interest/keep in contact with me – bitching about my work/other models and me online won’t get you any shoots.

• Good attitude/references – you could think you’re the best model, photographer or actress in Perth and have an unprofessional lazy attitude and be a nightmare to work with/talk to. I don’t want to work with people who can’t produce their work and go on and on about how wonderful they are on social media and how everything is all about them and their problems. HTCTV isn’t catering to your personal pity party.

Filming summer in Perth: PART ONE (BTS)

The first thing I’m sure the eagle-eyed viewers will notice is minimal to no makeup and minimal SFX.

Our two models definitely did NOT need retouching in any way, shape or form…seriously have you seen how gorgeous these two are? (Check out the BTS on the facebook page).

Merve and Khaterine at the Beach


This series was about summer with the girlfriends and I don’t know too many girls who wear a face full of makeup to the beach (outside of photo shoots). I don’t feel the models should be edited to something where they don’t match up with the videos…minor editing is ok by me though (because no one likes a giant pimple on their face…and facial piercings are generally removed with some tattoos – depending on the shoot)! HTCTV is about real women of different shapes, sizes and appearances. It’s my personal preference and duh… I’m the boss of my hobby business and shoots (sometimes some the viewers who like mouthing off about me when they haven’t worked with me forget that.) 
On the day of the shoot, the beach was perfect. I couldn’t wait to go and film with fresh air and natural light! I have definitely learned some new lessons with filming outside for this summer – October was picked over November as the beach-filming month…as most of our Perth based fans know the weather gets HOT, like 40 degrees hot and no one wants to go outside to be filmed in 40 degree weather getting roasted.

There was one time where we were working earlier in the year for producing the controversial Colourful Valentines videos, we were all crowded inside a tiny pink room with no air con in a small room with carpet. Everyone was sweating in the room, needing water breaks and clothes had to be removed for some shoots (that shoot was in February – supposedly the end of summer too)… it can be very hard for cameras and creative teams. It is the opposite of the winter shooting schedule where nearly every second model was sick with the flu and it was Russian roulette with avoiding the sick models and non-sick models because no one likes the winter flu either.

Working with Khaterine & Merve

This is what we do the haters.

This is what we do the haters.

For those who are new to the videos, this is my third time filming with Khaterine. Each time she has filmed with me, she has worked in different areas (the first time was as a HMUA, the second time as a background model and finally a main role for this series)…I don’t know many people who can rightfully claim to be creative triple threats (that would be modeling/acting-hair-makeup). Throughout the year Khaterine has been nothing but professional and super enjoyable to be around (I don’t ask for much with people I work with!)
I had a good laugh with Khaterine as we did a lot of active filming, getting her to run around the beach with Merve, climbing rocks, walking everywhere on the beach jetty and watching the kitesurfing (which we nearly walked into by accident). I suspect that Khaterine enjoyed the sandcastle filming because she got to destroy and maybe (if she had road rage from the horrible peak hour traffic) let it go. DESTROY!

Khaterine’s films were shot in the late afternoon/start of the evening – this was her first time at an Australian beach. Since Perth is known for its sunsets, she got a great taster at how Australians (or Perthites) spend their beachy summers. We were treated to some kite surfing that is popping up quite a bit in these videos. The original plans were to get the girls together for the day and do the shooting but traffic in Perth is a nightmare. Anyone who tries to drive on any road from 2PM-6PM is going to be going slow, touching the back of someone’s car who doesn’t know how to merge and probably suffering suppressed road rage (or a broken car horn). Thankfully, Khaterine made it and I got some fantastic footage for her! The sunset films are beautiful and really contrast from Merve’s day time shoots…sometimes being stuck in traffic and ending up at the beach for the evening can be a good thing!

I also really enjoyed spending the day with Merve (the model with the most shoots from day one) – this shoot was right up her alley! As Merve has said several times on the previous videos she is “up for anything” and I definitely made her keep on that promise for this shoot – she was going through many different parts of the beach and doing a lot of climbing, exploring, jumping, swimming and just being happy-go-lucky as usual. I can trust Merve to get the right feel for these videos because she knows my directing style and always goes with the flow when it comes to our numerous shoots together. I think we work very well together and the result is video magic.

Merve at the Beach 1
Merve’s films were shot earlier in the day, unfortunately the weather was really warm for some of the filming (it was the warmest October in Perth history) but hello we were at the beach…so it was perfect to go for a swim or to find somewhere cool to continue filming. Merve met her match with some of the waves, they were very strong and the area wasn’t a “swimming area” so it was a quick dip and maybe sticking to the inland puddles…until the tides came in at sunset which we all had to run with the equipment and our gear.
These girls worked perfectly together and I couldn’t be happier that we got everything without retakes…they both knew what the film was about and everything was just calm, chatting with the girlfriends and having some fun – that’s what shooting is about for me! Everything about the whole shoot was perfect with these girls as doing the whole “chilling with my girlfriends at the beach”. This was one of THE best shoots I have been at.
As I mentioned at the very top of this blog, there is a second series of short films (and possibly tutorials) to follow ‘Summer in Perth’ but more on that when they are confirmed and filmed (as model and MUA line ups often change last minute before filming)…plus the whole more models to shoots thing that needs to be sorted out.

Sunset at the Beach

I’m guessing some of the international fans are going to be a little upset (especially those who are stuck with wintery weather…or about to come into winter) – the beaches are a great part of the Australian lifestyle and HTCTV is going to be showing more Perth landmarks and Perth nature in the next few videos! Without further blogging, enjoy the first film as a small taster of what the summer life is like in Perth!


Hello fans and viewers of the HTC,

As 2014 is nearing, the HTC is heading into its second year of locally produced short films and beauty/fashion/art/travel tutorials. I am excited to see the HTC name grow, from 2012-2013, and show our current loyal fans and viewers what we are capable of doing.  For me there is no sake in filming for the sake of filming – I would prefer to have interesting stimulating content.  Without further ado, here are the plans for the upcoming 2014; there are some changes that are being made with the HTC online multimedia format!




Back in 2012, I originally co-founded and conceptualised The Honeytrap Collective as an online beauty and travel multimedia hobby-business project. The HTC project started out quite small with a handful of viewers and fans from Perth (Western Australia), with my filming/creative work on youtube, facebook and twitter. Later on a blog (which you’re reading now) another video channel (vimeo) and tumblr were added to the project. At the end of 2012, I began (with my filming partner) the first of many international projects and created my first segment “ASK A MODEL” – we met a really nice model (well model and her boyfriend) couple for Singapore & Malaysia. It was a great start to a small hobby project!




In 2013, my projects extended out to seasonal beauty videos (some of the things we did included Valentines…Autumn…Easter…Spring time) and also working more closely with some Perth based collaborators in photography and makeup. During this time I have worked with some different personalities and 75% of our models came back work with me again. Mid-way through 2013, I decided to branch out to contract photographers, makeup artists and models to help me create my vision for a zodiac, pin up themed charity calendar. The calendar was going to help local Western Australian charities in the area of the arts, youth, animals and the community. Unfortunately this project didn’t end as well as expected and things didn’t work out about how I wanted.


As the end of 2013 came, I was left in a position where my creativity was stifled and I wasn’t happy with my working environment. I did some minor filming with a couple of MUAs and models who have been fantastic long-term collaborators and everything I could ask for in a creative team. I was very happy to associate with people who had the same creative goals as me.






For 2014 the HTC needed something fresh attitude for our channels/multimedia.  Seeing what worked for us in 2012-2013 and seeing what sucked and things that we were happy to drop like a hotcake. We came to the same conclusion and decided upon branching out from “just” doing beauty tutorials and travel films to more intellectually and creatively taxing projects. I am now pushing full steam ahead to our second year of filming in 2014, where we are now starting the process of self-producing films and segments on a small scale which include; online short films, documentaries on subjects which interest us and continuing with travel segments such as ASK A MODEL.


In the upcoming weeks/months we will try to have some regular content, updates and changes to HTC multimedia. Fans and viewers welcome back to HTC TV for 2014.  Don’t forget to subscribe and like our films so we don’t have to blog, tumblr, tweet or facebook message everyone whenever we have a new film coming out.


We will continue to give the appropriate attribution as required by Australian law. IGNORANTIA JURIS NON EXCUSAT.


What does this mean?


  • This means we credit you in a name (as requested by you).
  • The more information I have on a person/artist the more I can relay this back to our viewers.
  • People who work with us are under contract and this has been our standard procedure since 2012.
  • If you don’t like contracts which state what your job is or what we expect of you – don’t work for us and don’t sign them and not produce the agreed work.
  • It is in your best interests to properly read your contract, it is not my fault if you decide by pure laziness or sign it without reading – we will hold you to your signed, emailed and your attendance to our shoots. Yes, turning up to our shoots means you agree/d to our terms for our shoots.
  • We have offered numerous times to explain our contract and this accreditation in words/emails you may understand.
  • We are as the copyright owners, as Australian law and our contract states, allowed UNLIMITED usage to our multimedia we have contracted and commissioned models, photographers and MUAs.
  • This includes film, social media, blogging, writing and photography (if contracted to us which has been the case for the AZTEC SUMMER 2012 shoot and THE 2014 ZODIAC CHARITY CALENDAR).



The HTC Media Spring/Summer Playlist (In Any Random Order)

Over the last two weeks HTC has brought back the popular HTC Playlists to get in the mood for spring and summer. In spirit of HTC’s love for pin up and all things retro, here are the top 10 again!

Number #10 – Surfin’ USA by The Beach Boys

I know most HTC viewers aren’t American. It’s a song to get in the mood for those hot Australian days at the beach.

Number #9 – Rock Lobster by B-54s

This song is a really weird one. It’s about lobsters. It works.

Number #8 – Take Me Away by Lash

A smaller Australian hit from the early 2000s. It has a great summery cover.

Number #7 – Malibu by HOLE

This is a great summer driving song before HOLE went to crap.

Number #6 – Kokomo by The Beach Boys

Kokomo sadly does not exist.

Number #5 – Steal My Sunshine by LEN

Another 1990s hit.

Number #4 – How Bizzare by OMC

I had to include something from our New Zealander neighbours.

Number #3 – Barbie Girl by AQUA

Sadly this one doesn’t come with the Barbie pool special.

Number #2 – I Like Big Butts by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Booty dancing is fun in summer.

Number #1 – Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch

1990S Mark Walhberg. Woo!

Karlie 4 Winter & Spring: Karlie Demonstrates 2013 Spring Trends (Dewy Highlighted Day Look & Pops of Colour)

Hi All,

So at the end of August, I released the Karlie 4 Winter & Spring: Karlie Demonstrates 2013 Winter Trends (Bronzed Contoured Day Look & Vampy Night Look) tutorial. Now it’s the first week of spring, it’s only right to bring out Karlie’s second tutorial, Karlie 4 Winter & Spring: Karlie Demonstrates 2013 Spring Trends (Dewy Highlighted Day Look & Pops of Colour!

I would like to say a quick thank you to Bree and Karlie who gave me some fantastic feedback about the Winter tutorial, it was much appreciated! I love hearing some good feedback about the work of the HTC especially hearing about people really loving the new tutorials and wanting to see more of them (with the right timing and finding the right people to do the tutorials there may be more coming in the future).

About The Studio & Answering The Same Sort Of Questions About Working In A Larger Shoot

These four tutorials were shot back to back at Chris Huzzard’s Studio. I’ve mentioned in the Winter blog that it was my second time working there and the ease of getting to the studio. I recommend google if you want to hear more about the studio or checking out that blog for a rehash of my experiences there and the pros and cons I had towards making previous bookings. I’d like to talk a bit about the shooting style because some people who have been asking to do collaborations lately and want to know about the actual filming process and how it is different from working on a photo shoot. I think it is best to compare the large 50+ person shoot (the charity calendar) to the smaller tutorials and films – I think some people are under the impression what goes on in the larger shoot is what happens/happened in all my shoots – which is a stupid thought because one shoot with 4 people is not the same as one with 50 different personalities or attitudes and is very misleading to tell other people who are interested that’s what happens everytime, some people really… I will try my best to explain it as simply as possible.

Personally I like the smaller shoots the best and they are the closest to what I like when I work.  The process is about bringing the models and the MUA together – finding the right team who will go well together on film (not fake so sometimes I get recommended certain models over others or certain models only want to work with one or two certain MUAs). There have been models who have been great on print but just show no personality or any oomph which is needed for film. Usually once the papers about the shoot are handed out the models and MUA feel a lot more comfortable about what is happening and filming goes pretty well.

On the other hand you could have a nightmare shoot like the charity calendar shoot – where there was all this paperwork (everything from the shoot concept, ideas I have for the makeup/hair/styling, what the calendar was about and so on…) for a product which nearly no one (except maybe 5 of the 50 creative members) bothered to read – would they do this to a paying professional or a client? So naturally when someone doesn’t read their job description they throw attitudes around or say a lot of crap which isn’t really helpful or about the shoot. It’s just a big headache when everyone wants to be creative and yay pretty pictures but no one wants to think about the marketing, promotional or printing side of things. I can only work with what I am given and that is shown in the final photo/film.

I guess I am getting at the shoots are about the right people being needed for the shoots. So when you have the right people the filming set is really relaxed and it just feels like a chat with the girlfriends. Some models sometimes have a nap (like Merve) when their makeup is done or some really like to get involved and ask lots of questions about the process (Kelly, Bree or Gurdip). The film sets usually work better if there aren’t any extras who don’t have a filming role – when a photographer comes they usually come towards the end of filming and take pictures here and there. We had one photographer Karen make a simple back garden look like a fancy photo set – it’s really about working with what we have.

If it were a choice of bigger set or smaller set – smaller shoot would win every time! The big shoots I personally ran were fun but I felt my work was desecrated and I have heard little feedback or appreciation for anything that was put together. I hope that very long answer will be enough to please all those questions or rumours I get about shooting on sets and what happens.

Back On-Topic To The Shooting…

Another part of the filming process which I got to do for this set of tutorials was trend research – a lot of people get confused about my role within the filming. Generally the MUA and I go through looks and pick things that work for both of us – the MUA for her portfolio and me because it is something I would be interested in doing or something that a model might bring up which interests me. I do  a lot of research and storyboarding between shoots trying to decide what I want to film and the MUA gives me the OK (or we work around any issues) if it matches her vision! 

As creative director of the HTC, I think it is important to show viewers (who may not have that expensive budget) how to recreate and film tutorials on a low budget – especially with things like Australians paying more for known makeup brands, who can afford to throw away perfectly usable makeup?  Karlie didn’t want the viewers feeling like they had to buy every single product she used (some products aren’t available in Australia like Makeup Forever) – she wanted the viewers to know that it was ok to use your products! She wanted to do these looks where you could easily do these looks at home with your time and your budget and not break it that is important especially if you’re a student or teenager.  Four easy looks recreated from trending runway shows and on budget – what more could you ask for?

When I kept on seeing these four looks, it was kind of obvious that was the trend for the season. I also think if you like something do it whenever you want – you don’t need a season to tell you when to wear a certain look or product!  These spring trends were showing at M.A.C (just the day before we filmed M.A.C released their spring trend makeup for London) the girls were wearing fruity accessories and neon coloured lipsticks with matching blushes. Even in Australia, the two “high end” department stores, David Jones and Myer were also doing their runway shows and they were very into both the winter (bronzed) and spring (dewy) trends. When I have to tell the models what to bring for shooting, I often research fashion trends or just check out what the models wear when they display the run way looks.

For this tutorial, dewy makeup and neon lips – NEON IS EVERYWHERE! I have noticed clothing is coming out in block (single) colours. Gurdip demonstrated some excellent ways on how she would wear the looks Karlie demonstrated on film for Spring 2013. She came up with some crazy combinations that I wouldn’t have thought about wearing myself.

I wanted to point out to the viewers who are used to MUAs explaining their tutorials, Karlie specifically requested not to speak (and appear minimally) in the videos. Some makeup artists are very shy, get nervous or don’t like being in front of the camera. However, just so her fans and the HTC viewers don’t miss out on anything important Karlie has given me tips throughout the filming session – ones I have written on this blog as I have edited the videos. If there was anything I missed, you’re welcome to contact Karlie directly.

About Gurdip

The model for the Spring 2-in-1 looks was Gurdip, whom I have previously worked with once. What Gurdip lacks in photographic modelling experience, she makes up for with her professional and friendly attitude. I think sometimes other creatives forget that their favourite models started somewhere and didn’t magically appear one day with all the experience in the world. You have to start somewhere if you’re interested in modelling (even as a hobby) right?

Since Gurdip has a very small portfolio I have uploaded some kind of teaser for the charity calendar final images. These ones have been floating about through Craig who has been really put so much effort into getting these images and giving them out to the girls – he has been making his fans guess what the zodiacs were so no spoilers sorry ;( . Although I wish they would show a few manners when they ask me for updates for pictures. I don’t respond very nicely when someone emails me demanding “I want pictures now”. Good pictures take time people and thank you to the creative team and I for getting your images together so quickly would also be appreciated. (The charity calendar teasers come from Craig from Studio Ozone).

After going back to edit Karlie’s tutorials is the different vibes and attitudes from the models. Bree, being the Winter model, was very calm and cool – she was displaying the looks as if she were hanging out with some friends (probably somewhere warm) or going out to some bonfire party and then going glam for some fancy Winter event. The moment Gurdip appears on screen, she is bouncy and energetic (which she was the whole time we filmed) – she is naturally a very smiley person for the last two shoots I have worked with her – always smiling and positive (even when she was sick with the flu too- it’s going around). Gurdip perfectly represented the personality behind the girl who would work Karlie’s Spring looks – she’s fun, flirty and bouncy now the Winter blues are over. I keep saying it, but you have to work with the right model for the looks otherwise it just doesn’t work for any of us on filming day.

When the models are asked to shoot with the HTC, they are asked to bring outfits they would wear for their theme (so our previous themes have been racing clothing, summer clothing, festival clothing, what they would wear on a date and costumes). While Gurdip didn’t bring as much wardrobe as Bree, she really knows what works for her and what is suitable to be filmed in. Gurdip makes several outfit changes – but this is good because it shows the viewers what different outfits look like with the makeup!

Since this is the last Karlie 4 Winter & Spring blog you can find out more about Gurdip (and some of the other models who have worked with the HTC several times) on the Recommended Models blog.



I have noticed some people want to wear the bold night trend, but Karlie is going to demonstrate during the day – if you want to do this, it is up to you. Personally I would prefer to wear the crazy coloured lipsticks at night time – unless you’re in the creative or fashion industry not many bosses would let their employees wear bright lipsticks to work. I also think if you like the tutorial trends Karlie and I did you should rock them whenever you want!



The natural skin trend was really big in 2013.  Karlie was a big believer in “less is best” when demonstrating looks for day time. This sort of look would be great for working, going out on those romantic spring dates or even eating – because of the natural colours Karlie uses you’re not going to get colourful lipstick all over glasses or whatever your eating. Having lipstick teeth or smeared over your face is embarrassing!

The difference between Gurdip’s look and Bree’s look is this, Bree’s look is very flat and focuses on highlight her cheeks and other features, Gurdip’s look is about giving that glow that comes in spring (even if it is created by makeup). The cream products, which both tutorials use, are utilised in different ways and different textures.



After priming the entire face and neck, Karlie recommended even though the eyes should be the first thing done for this look. Even though it wasn’t as colourful as the the winter day time look – it would be easier for you to clean up if you did make a mess. Who has time to sit there and constantly redo your makeup (unless you’re a pro and do the same sort of look every day) – not me!

  • When working around the lower eyes, they are sensitive and sometimes a brush is too hard – Karlie used her fingers when applying primer to Gurdip’s under eyes.
  • Next, Karlie used Real Technique eyeshadow brushes (from the pixiwoo sisters who also do youtube channels) to apply the cream eye primer which she then used a light shade of eyeshadow which was very close to Gurdip’s skin tone – the eyeshadow Karlie used had a shine to it which makes Gurdip look dewy and fresh.
  • Because this was meant to be an easy look you could instantly or quickly do – this look didn’t require more than one eyeshadow product. The colour was even spread on the eyelid and not just heavily applied to the one spot.
  • For the day time looks (for both winter and spring) Karlie was adamant that the lashies were out for the day – instead Karlie went from the bottom of Gurdip’s lashes to the tip of her eyelashes – because Gurdip has these big bright eyes and brows she didn’t really need much makeup in these areas for the day time. Seriously Gurdip is like Bambi.


So after the eyes are finished, Karlie next worked on foundation – this was the key step to getting this look right.

  • When Karlie applied the foundation she placed the product (Makeup Forever HD foundation) on the back of her hand –  she blended the product into the brush (Real Techniques) and blended using circle motions onto Gurdip’s face. Gurdip’s makeup was meant to look fresh and bright rather than flat/matte This has to be done really well or else the rest of the foundation is just going to look like crap.
  • After foundation was properly blended on ‘s face, and on her neck, it was time to use a cream concealer (Makeup Forever HD Concealer). Karlie really focused on this area for Gurdip, making sure the concealer blended in well – for spring looks they are fresh and bright and this look is creating that “glow” even if you don’t feel like you have one. Covering up any red noses or tired eyes from the winter flu are a must!
  • To put SOME colour back in – we didn’t want Gurdip to look pale and ghastly – Karlie used a Stila palette with three bronzing and cheek colours which she used to set Gurdip’s foundation but also to give some depth and highlight in Gurdip’s facial features like her cheeks. Karlie used a “3” shape – so the top of Gurdip’s forehead, the middle of her cheeks (with blush) followed by product on her neck and chin.
  • The blush Karlie used came from a multi-colour palette, so Karlie mixed a pink and deep peach together after lighting adding bronzer to Gurdip’s day base.
  • Karlie, using a spoolie quickly ran through Gurdip’s brows and left them untouched for the tutorial. If you have those thick brows which are neatly groomed and full of colour then you don’t really have to do this step. If you colour and groom then this step is recommended.
  • Finally Karlie remembered to add highlighting product just above the middle “3” part of Gurdip’s blush and bronzer just to add that textured glow -really showing off Gurdip’s cheeks where the sun hits her face. This “3” contouring technique was brought up in Bree’s winter tutorial.

Gurdip Day 1


After the harsh and drying winters in Australia- moisture is a key thing to getting that spring glow. Regardless of how many products, you put on your face or lips, without looking after the base (your face) the products just won’t sit right. Lucky these colours are natural and easy to apply, so it’s ok to go eat and drink without worrying about your colours staining on glasses or whatever your lips happen to go on.

  • Karlie heavily moisturised Gurdip’s lips before filling them in with a natural lip pencil.
  • After filling in the lips (all of them) Karlie added a simple gloss – which was brown-orange in tone to finish Gurdip’s day makeup.




Karlie had a tough time picking which colours to use on Gurdip for her neon lips. Gurdip is very lucky that she has the perfect skin tone to get away with any crazy bright colours she wanted to – something a paler model like Bree would not be so lucky to get away with. Karlie’s original choice was going to be neon pink but she ended up changing her mind to neon orange once she saw Gurdip’s evening outfit (a green-white-orange dress).

Some runway shows like M.A.C and Betsey Johnson were trending “neon ombre lips” – this means the outside of the lips were bright pink but the centre of the lips could be orange. Another version I have seen of this trend, which I have noticed with Korean Uzzlangs on youtube, but the Uzzlangs use lighter colours for their lip ombre.



This look was super easy to film but also to apply – with someone who might be coming to a party after work, you could easily swap your lipstick over and add the false lashes – if you can’t live without them.

  • Karlie used individual lashes on Gurdip, who wasn’t comfortable with wearing a full set (Karlie used demi or half sets of lashes for Bree but this was about showing people other options that meant they COULD still wear lashes).
  • She applied a glue and used tweezers to individually place long to mid-length lashes across Gurdip’s eye. It wasn’t about using a whole packet of fake lashes but picking places where they would BLEND in -making it look like Gurdip naturally had these long luscious lashes (than she already has…because they are pretty long and crazy in a good way).
  • Karlie also uses a really cool techinque for drying lashes – she picks up a paper fan and really makes sure they are dry (and tugs gently to check this) before she moves on with the next step.


gurdip3 gurdipoops

Finally, lips! Like Gurdip you could make a quick outfit change from your day time activities to swap over your look for night time. Karlie had a had time deciding what colours she wanted to use on Gurdip. After seeing the dress and shirt Gurdip brought in for filming – she chose bright orange over bright pink.

  • Karlie quickly took off the brown-orange gloss she used for the day time look and started filling in Gurdip’s lips with a bright orange pencil.
  • After filling in the lips (all of them) Karlie started to apply lipstick from a brush to get an evenly applied orange tone to Gurdip’s lips. Once this was done this night look was instantly completed.

Once Gurdip had her full night time makeup, I couldn’t help but notice she looked a lot like the singer M.I.A – what do you think?


Singer M.I.A

Here are the products Karlie used for this tutorial (some of these products aren’t available in Australia):

  • Makeup Forever HD Primer
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation
  • Napoleon Quad Palette
  • Real Techniques eye shadow brush
  • Makeup Forever concealer
  • Jordana Mascara
  • Real Techniques blush brush
  • Makeup Forever concealer (cream palette)
  • Makeup Forever blush
  • Orange lipstick Sportsgirl
  • Orange lip liner

To contact Karlie just click this link to be taken to her facebook business page (she has been a bit busy at the moment so just be patient for contact).

Enjoy recreating her looks!

Karlie 4 Winter & Spring: Karlie Demonstrates 2013 Winter Trends (Bronzed Contoured Day Look & Vampy Night Look)

Hi All,

After taking a long hiatus from my own personal projects during May-July, I had the pleasure of working Karlie again at Chris Huzzard’s Studio. For those viewers/fans who read other entries of the HTC blog – Chris Huzzard Studios sponsored the final reshoot day of the charity calendar

It was great to be back to filming! With this particular studio we had the studio floor to ourselves for the afternoon, often they are filled with people shooting high end campaigns – we were shooting the same day as a Perth Fashion Festival crew – or smaller portfolio pieces (just for fun/experience) like what the HTC is all about.  This was my second collaboration with this team of ladies, Karlie has also recently worked with me on the charity calendar which I was the creative director and head organiser. Karlie’s work for the zodiac signs can be found here (For day one) and also a video link here for the final reshoot. To get off topic – those images and their finals have been slowly coming out but have no official release date yet (for those emails I keep getting asking about the date – please stop emailing me about it, I have 60+ images to work on and it’s getting really annoying – a please/thank you would be nice as well when you’re asking about them instead of GIVE ME PICTURES NOW!)

Karlie and I created these videos as a showcase collaboration, to show the 2013 winter and spring trends. 

When I first started the HTC, with the goal to educate clueless makeup people (like me) many artists in Perth didn’t really “get” what I wanted to produce – Karlie and I have very similar tastes and influences so it was very easy to collaborate in a way Karlie’s talent could be shown (for the first time in video format) but at the same time making it fun and enjoyable in the trademark HTC way. When I saw how easy these looks were to do, I was amazed – other MUAs who do tutorials online make things look very tricky and you would need many different products and brushes and sit there for hours to get that look right – it’s a little off-putting when the viewer wants to learn and watch these tutorials.  On the day of the shoot, Karlie stressed how important it was to show the viewers how easy these 4 looks were to do at home.

Instead of worrying about exactly copying these looks from runway shows (I saw both the winter and spring trends in fashion shows like NARS, Missoni, Alexander Wang, M.A.C and Dolce & Gabana) just follow what works for you whether it’s a different shade of lipstick or blusher…it’s about customising these trends that suit you and your event. When doing all four looks, Karlie didn’t just stick to one brand of makeup like some of the other MUAs do when they film tutorials (not that is a bad thing but some people don’t want to use that brand for personal reasons or they can’t get that brand our MUA used in a certain video) – she was thinking about relatively budgeted but also good quality products she would use on her own clients.

When I watched these tutorials I felt personally more confident, for someone who isn’t 100% familiar with makeup techniques or trying makeup looks I am personally inspired to learn these four makeup trends because they can be wearable for any time of the day and for any occasion – going to work, going out shopping with girlfriends, going out to nightclubs – the list is endless. As someone who does work with many makeup artists, to recreate seasonal looks or do our own thing, I wanted keep with the series of  makeup looks (and the films) available that differed from other people which goes with the sensual but classy honeytrap image which the HTC is all about – I think we certainly nailed it with these tutorials.

A few common things I have noticed all three times I have worked with Karlie that I find sorely lacking with others I’ve seen or have communicated with:

  • Karlie always manages to know what I want and create work that is 100% to the tee the concept of the shoot. I sent through a lot of images for what was trending with fashion shows and we kind of clicked what films we were going to make, it wasn’t about 100% copying what was on some fashion picture but also thinking about how we could show different things on the different models – for this set of tutorials, Bree is very pale and Karlie wanted to show and experiment with a contoured look – I like someone who can read the stuff required for the shoot and just get the job done! I think anyone who can listen to what I’d like and do their own touches to it, is just an easier person to work with in general.
  • Easy to work with – there were never any issues that couldn’t be resolved through communication or working around certain looks for the models. Communication was constructive and it was actually talking about what was going on where as for other recent shoots people have done what they wanted to or at least demanded that they do things a certain way and that’s the only way they want to shoot an image or style a model. I don’t like demands made of me as a director, but on the other hand, I don’t really like babying people or having to be saying constantly “do this” or “do that”. I shouldn’t tell a professional they have to work or “what work have you been up to?” – it’s not really what shooting with me is like and it takes the fun out of a good shoot – it was something I had to do a lot in the charity shoot with some people but during both shoots with working with Karlie has never been an issue.
  • I think we share a very visual mindset so we are always bouncing back and forwards different ideas about shoots – so for the charity shoot she was one of the two makeup artists who produced images and developed on the original concepts I gave the ladies from makeup. She is always showing me pictures of her other shoots or even makeup she would wear personally.  You know she is passionate about makeup and soo good at it.
  • Very positive influence on shoots – with the extreme difficulties of the charity shoot and having a few personalities who were quite negative to work with and turning the experience into a very negative (when it was charity and didn’t need to be a ‘all about me show’) Karlie was one of the few people who was constantly positive throughout all the charity shoots and it was a no-brainer she was happy and easy going to work with again.  When we worked on shoots, she gave me some good neutral feedback which helped me with making decisions for the shoot or worked around feedback which photographers had given me about all the makeup work in general.

It was a bit tricky to remember that I was back to filming, editing and producing and that I was back to work in the hands-on capacity I love and that I’m used to and actually enjoy doing. I hope these videos have done Karlie, and her amazing work, some justice! I also wanted to point out to the viewers who are used to MUAs explaining their tutorials, Karlie specifically requested not to speak in the videos. Some makeup artists are very shy, get nervous or don’t like being in front of the camera. However, just so her fans and the HTC viewers don’t miss out on anything important Karlie has given me tips throughout the filming session – ones I have written on this blog as I have edited the videos. If there was anything I missed, you’re welcome to contact Karlie directly.

The first thing I’m sure there will be some comment on is “why are you doing a winter tutorial at the end of winter?” Makeup trends are often for a year, so what trends in the northern hemisphere will trend in the southern hemisphere later in the year – that’s probably the shortest answer I can give. I noticed a large majority of HTC fans come from Australia and my other portion of viewers comes from various South-East and East Asian countries – these ladies seem to be interested in northern hemisphere travel and trends. In Australia the “winter season” isn’t entirely over yet so people still have time to play around with these looks if they feel time is an issue for wearability. However, I don’t think these looks can be only worn at one specific time – if you like purple winter lips in summer, if you want to do that you should do it!

About Bree

The model for the winter 2-in-1 looks was Bree, whom I have previously worked with once. The first time we worked together, it was for the stressful reshoot from hell – Bree played the role of Taurus and one of the three Leos – so poor Bree had to work double time and then she even took extra time, she did it without being asked, to come and do the hair for the other models with her friend Georgia. I haven’t met many models who are willing to go beyond helping out behind the scenes when their pictures are done – it’s just a really refreshing thing to be around someone who enjoys their work, all aspects of the modelling and doesn’t constantly whine or complain about other people they are working with or the work they have to do for a shoot. It’s not really a big surprise that I had over ten recommendations for me to work with Bree – she is the most recommended model I have worked with in Western Australia- most people I work with don’t generally have the same opinion on anything, all of them were positive!

This was mentioned on facebook and the video but Bree was unwell during shooting and still managed to be friendly and positive during the shoot. She was a little late but it was better to know about it than wonder “where is she?” – some communication on shoot day is better than not turning up or leaving it to another person to tell me what’s going on. Bree came in, she was a bit flustered for being late, but she wasn’t demanding when she came mid-way during filming “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” which sometimes happens or talking on camera (if it were normal filming we try to have a quiet filming room because we need to pick up what the makeup artist is saying for the tutorial) – it was professional and she worked on her wardrobe while Gurdip was filming.  Now that it was a smaller shooting environment it was a lot more casual and easier to have an actual conversation than seeing models run in and out because they had other things to do after shooting.

Bree was very involved with Karlie and myself once it came to doing her shoot. She was able to do her thing while the first set of tutorials were being filmed and then it was time to start picking outfits and seeing what Karlie wanted for the final vision. This differs from other creatives but when I do my tutorial shoots I like the models to wear clothing that THEY would be comfortable in and that they would also wear for the occasion. So Bree brought her wardrobe and it was a fun experience going through with Karlie and picking out different outfits for the day and night look – most models bring a few suitcases but seeing everything as Bree would wear the clothes was fun and really something other models should do during my shoots. Both Karlie and I were really interested in Bree’s cat leggings (you will see them in the video) and seeing what Bree would pair it up with. Bree is probably the only model outside of Gabby who brings anything and everything she can get her hands on to make that shoot extra special – as a meticulous planner myself, being over prepared is better than underprepared.




I have really noticed this trend popping up a few times at various fashion shows and also the Cannes Film Festival.


When doing the daytime look, Karlie wanted a minimal contoured look which was well blended and suitable for the dry winters of Australia.

Contouring is something a lot of people look for tutorials online, especially for people doing day time job makeup or just wanting to go for that “natural but still wearing a better version of my face” makeup. The products used were  designed to give that full coverage in winter (especially if you need a pick me up and were sick with gross skin which is not fun) and were meant to give that matte or flat look – something that you probably couldn’t get away with in very hot summers of Western Australia (especially if you have oily or combination skin).

Because Bree is very pale, Karlie was really excited about showing viewers how to do this look if they had similar skin tones to Bree – a lot of girls in Perth are very into bronzing makeup but not many know how to apply it without doing the clown stripes – Karlie wanted that “less is more” which is perfect for your day time job or doing a lunch with someone like your mother or your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend. If you’re more into the dewy trends which give that extra bit of shine, Gurdip’s spring trend tutorial is likely to be your best bet (the foundation applications are very different and Gurdip’s tutorials are more about layering and texturing for that “spring glow’).


Karlie started this look by working on the eyes first – with using dark colours there is likely a chance you may smudge something underneath your eyes and if you’re putting the foundation on first…you have to redo your base…wasting time and products. Who has time to sit there and constantly redo your makeup (unless you’re a pro and do the same sort of look every day) – not me!

  • When working around the lower eyes, they are sensitive and sometimes a brush is too hard – Karlie used her fingers when applying primer to Bree’s under eyes.
  • Next, Karlie used Real Technique eyeshadow brushes (from the pixiwoo sisters who also do youtube channels) to apply the cream eye primer which she then followed with the bronzed colours (she used a palette) applying the bronzed brown-orange colour to the base of the eyelid.
  • Karlie stopped applying the bronzed colour at the socket line and blended everything out – so the colour was even spread on the eyelid and not just heavily applied to the one spot.
  • Afterwards, Karlie applied the same colour underneath Bree’s eyelids.  Remember if you make a mistake, you can wipe it later because you only have primer on your skin instead of the full foundation and concealer combo.
  • Karlie used a second palette which had a darker brown – this was used as the socket colour. The makeup was applied in a “V” shape.
  • Now to highlight Bree’s eyes and perk up the eyes (since natural and brown colours were the colours of this look), Karlie used a gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of her eyes.
  • Karlie was very adamant that daytime looks should be simple and layering mascara would be more work/day-event appropriate than using false lashes. The mascara can be built up instead, from working your way up from the bottom of your eyelash roots to the tips of the eyelashes. Karlie used Jordana lash extend for Bree’s tutorial.


So after the eyes are finished, Karlie next worked on foundation – this was the key step to getting this look right.

  • When Karlie applied the foundation she placed the product (Makeup Forever HD foundation) on the back of her hand –  she blended the product into the brush (Real Techniques) and blended using circle motions onto Bree’s face. Because the skin needed to be matte/flat this has to be done really well or else the rest of the foundation is just going to look like crap.
  • After foundation was properly blended on Bree’s face, and on her neck, it was time to use a cream concealer. This really helped reduce the redness in Bree’s face – when you have the flu and it shows on your skin it’s not really a good base to apply makeup onto. Especially if you have been rubbing tissues constantly into your nose or if you may suffer from acne (which comes up more on paler tones) – everything shows on your skin like it or not!
  • Karlie then quickly groomed Bree’s brows (as seen in video) first using a spoolie to neaten the shape and then later applied a colour close to what Bree would use (a viewer would be advised to use colours they are familar with) .  Some models (like Gurdip who has big lushious brows) don’t need to overly groom or even colour their brows – some do. If you colour and groom then this step is recommended.



So with a blank canvas that isn’t showing up any redness or anything else (that isn’t good skin wise) you don’t want to be showing if you’re going to work or going out – it’s time to contour.  When Karlie contours she does the bronzer in a “3” shape. This is great for a beginner to learn how to put on their bronzer, blush and highlighter.

  • The first part of the “3” is at the top of the forehead.
  • The middle part of the “3” is the cheeks – Bree made a fish face to find the hollow bit (where you put the makeup). Karlie really wanted to show off Bree’s cheekbones and really blended and made her cheeks look sculpted – which is what the trend was about.
  • Karlie added blush above where she placed the bronzer on the cheek. She chose a natural colour which would make Bree’s cheeks look flushed in winter (adding colour back to her neutral makeup) but not bright enough that Bree would look like a clown with a pink and brown streak on her face – blending is the key to getting the contoured look right.
  • The final bit of the “3” is the neck and chin where it needs to be blended or you will be walking around with very noticable bronzer. Make sure you blend the “3” before you move on with the next step.


This part of the look might be a little scary for those who like natural coloured lips, or those who have a job where purple lipstick isn’t really part of the uniform or not really liking the colour purple. This tutorial focuses on the trend which is dark lips and Karlie chose purple for Bree – however I did notice on my storyboard that dark reds where also used and sometimes blacks.  I would personally go with something lighter like a pink, beige or just a lip gloss – unless you’re working as a makeup artist or a really artist job or self employed I don’t really know any employers who allow black lipstick as daily wear but that is for you to play around with.

  • Karlie opted to use a darker lip for both of Bree’s looks- first she started with a lip liner that matched the lipstick she was about to apply- followed by applying the lipstick with a lip brush to get that perfectly applied look.
  • At night time you would simply reapply the lipstick as needed (see below for the night tutorial).



dark lips-htc trend 2013 winter

For the night time tutorial I think it is more likely the viewer would want to go a little crazy with colour and go for something really dark (some people like dark lipstick during the day – again it is all about YOUR personal preference). Karlie knew that Bree likes a graphic liner and that would be something that any office girl or anyone going from work/outing to a party could do in less than ten minutes (or depending on how quick they can do their makeup). When I was storyboarding trends for this tutorial, I noticed that the Dolce and Gabanna cat walk shows (see above) pretty much nailed a nighttime version of the dark graphic eyeliner, bronzed/contoured featured with a darker lip. I included a really pretty picture in the beginning of the video (the girl with the crown and the super fierce eyeliner/dark lipstick on natural skin).  This suited model Bree to a tee.


Without a doubt if you’re going out after work – you are going to need to need to retouch your makeup. No one likes turning up to parties all gross and sweaty (especially if your office overkills on the heating system) – retouching this contoured day look should be easy.

  • Contouring may need to be intensified – sometimes makeup needs to be darker to show up on camera. Using the matte products will mean your products are less likely to “bounce” and your face won’t look like a pasty ghost in pictures (very common with paler toned girls).  Quickly go over your contouring but don’t over do it!
  • Brows are very unlikely to be messy but if you need to quickly brush over them or even use a product to get that “perfect” filled brow which is very trendy right now – then you would do this step (skip if you have already applied brow powder during the day look).
  • If you want to check your lips, Karlie recommends going darker at night time. Use your lipstick and reapply as needed. To make your lips darker Karlie went over Bree’s day colour to intensify the look. Karlie used SPICEBERRY from Sportsgirl for her tutorials.


  • Karlie gave Bree some graphic liner on the top of her eyes – she simply used a black colour which started in the inner corner of Bree’s eye and then slightly winged it out at the outer end.
  • Finally, Karlie added lashes to give Bree’s look that extra oomph! Bree wasn’t comfortable with using a full lash, which viewers may have the same problem, so Karlie got around this issue by using demi lashes – they are smaller and easier to manage.
  • Karlie applied the lash glue and stuck the lashes onto Bree’s eyes. You have to see the cool way Karlie fans out the eyelashes to make sure they are dried and stay on.
  • Once the lashes are dry this look is completed – any white dots from the eyelash glue could easily be gone over with the eyeliner again.

That completes the looks for Winter – Karlie and the HTC hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please keep an eye out for the Spring trends with Gurdip.

Here are the products Karlie used for this tutorial (some of these products aren’t available in Australia):

  • Makeup Forever HD Primer
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation
  • Napoleon Quad Palette (Bronze colour used on Bree)
  • Real Techniques eye shadow brush
  • Makeup Forever gold powder (eye shadow)
  • Makeup Forever concealer
  • Blush brush
  • Jordana Lashextend Mascara
  • Real Techniques blush brush
  • Makeup Forever concealer (cream palette)
  • Makeup Forever bronzing powder
  • Spiceberry Sportsgirl
  • Berry lip liner


How many times do I have to say sorry I filmed you before you put your makeup on????!

To contact Karlie just click this link to be taken to her facebook business page (she has been a bit busy at the moment so just be patient for contact).

Enjoy recreating her looks!